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Comics Vs MisterE2009: Threatening Women Online

Mark Millar, others team up against online bully sexual harasser

I’m amazed at the people who are amazed someone like @MisterE2009 exists. Have they never been on a comics or gaming message board? I hope he is shut down but some of those jumping on the “that’s terrible” bandwagon need to take a long look in the fucking mirror.

To be honest I think this shows yet again that when it’s men that step forward and complain, people listen, while when women complain they’re told to just ignore it and it will go away or that it’s not that serious.

Even now, male commenters are saying that ‘they’ don’t see the threats therefore they don’t exist, or that the women targeted should ‘grow a pair’. 

Ignoring these people does not make them go away. Their words are violent, abusive and sickening, not to mention triggering. 

Sad as it is, it’s good when men step forward on this issue. Most if not all of the women had complained about harassment and threats before, only for their fears to be downplayed or ignored. The men stepping forward are just being decent human beings, but sadly the online community as a whole will not give the same consideration to women when they do the same.

I do wonder why on earth people are amazed at such behaviour though - the signs are all there on a majority of comics and gaming message boards, but somehow those qualify as ‘just being lads’ or ‘joking!’, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that had to filter my website comments to auto-delete comments including trigger words, (eg r*pe, whore, etc) so I didn’t have to see them :/

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