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Now one film has single-handedly bucked that trend, passing the Bechdel test, and with the best portrayal of women in an action film I have seen in years: Dredd.

Put simply, and this is extraordinary, there is no difference between the portrayal of male and female characters in this film. The women are not sexualised, weaker, shown less, or more emotional, and their wardrobes are genderless, but neither are they simply rendered as personality devoid hard-asses… The women characters are excellent characters who happen to be women.

Full Article - Dredd: A Brilliant Portrayal of Women in Comics

This film is struggling to make budget in the US - please help it do well and spread the word!

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    No but the women in this film are amazing. For the goodies you’ve got this tiny blonde chick who is telepathic (but it...
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    What happened to this great film is such a disgrace, no wonder fans are still upset about it.
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